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2017 was ended with the most massive international basketball tournament in the history of Lithuania ‒ „Christmas Cup 2017“

December 28th – 30th Xth and the most massive international youth basketball tournament in Lithuania „Christmas Cup 2017“ to win Kaunas district mayor’s cup took place in Kaunas city and district.

„Tornado“ KM sveikinimas

Lithuanians defend their fortress in the international basketball tournament Kaunas Cup 2017!

September 29th ‒ October 1st IVth international basketball tournament Kaunas Cup 2017 took place at Kaunas. There were 22 teams from six different countries in 3 age groups.

From Netherlands with silver medals!

While we were preparing for Easter and enjoyed spring snow, “Tornado” BS team traveled to the international basketball tournament in Groningen, Netherlands.

Janis Šults: Basketball is like art ‒ the whole picture consists of small details

On the 21st of March, the founder and coach of Individual skills basketball school (Latvia) Janis Šults visited “Tornado” basketball school

Team of „Tornado“ BS internship in Spain

January 13th ‒ 15th director Dainius Čiuprinskas and coaches Šarūnas Zablockis, Aivaras Grigaliūnas and Andrius Macijauskas visited Madrid, capital of Spain.

The most massive tournament in Lithuania ‒ Christmas Cup 2016!

There were 34 teams in four age groups (2006, 2005, 2004 and 2001). 23 teams were from eight different foreign countries – Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and Netherlands. The total number of participants reached almost 500!

Lithuanian teams triumphed in „Kaunas Cup 2016“

24 teams, 15 from them from foreign countries participated in this one of the biggest basketball tournament in Lithuania

Christmas Cup 2015 ‒ almost 400 young basketball players!

Almost 400 young basketball players came to Kaunas to find out what is the strongest in ther age group, to meet old and new friends.

Young basketball players from nine countries competed in „Kaunas Cup 2015“!

Twenty two teams played in three age groups (2000, 2002 and 2003). Fourteen teams were guests from foreign countries – Estonia, Belarus, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Denmark, Germany and Netherlands.

Lithuanian teams triumphed in the international basketball tournament Christmas Cup 2014

Lithuanian teams triumfed in the international basketball tournament Kaunas Cup 2014

October 3 – 5, 2014 Tornado baskeball school has organised youth basketball tournament Kaunas Cup 2014. There were 18 teams from Lithuania and foreign countries whch competed in three age groupes (2004, 2001 and 1999).
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