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Janis Šults: Basketball is like art ‒ the whole picture consists of small details

Thursday, March 30, 2017

On the 21st of March, the founder and coach of Individual skills basketball school (Latvia) Janis Šults visited “Tornado” basketball school. Together with our team Tornado KM – “Sharp” (boys born in 1999), he lead the demonstration practice for coaches of “Tornado” BS.

Specialist from Latvia J. Šults, communicated a lot with our coach, shared his thoughts and ideas during the practice. “Basketball is like art, the whole picture consist of small details, - said J. Šults. – One of the major problems of European basketball, lack of focus on the little things. Player all the time has to keep an eye on basket, while performing exercise and together do this exercise with maximum power. The rate of exercise must constantly change. There are no stable pace in basketball – if the team will be fast all the time, opponents will adjust, and vice versa. The rate must change, that opponents would be more difficult to predict your plans in defense and offence.

„Tornado“BS coach Andrius Macijauskas said, that J. Šults highlighted psychological details: “He talked a lot about love of basketball. Players have to do all exercises with love, from their hart, also with maximum power and each minute of practice must be productive and useful. Only in this way can we achieve the desired results. Despite psychological details Latvian highlighted the importance of technique of exercise”.

J. Šults didn’t forget to mention, that it’s very important for coach to show their emotions: “Sometimes you have to be angry, sometimes nervous, but you have to find the right moment for that. Only then your emotions will affect the player. And then he will feel more motivated than frustrating. Don’t forget, the same formula you can apply to express your positive emotions”.

„I noticed, that coach from Latvia try to perform as much as possible exercises with ball, even some of exercises usually perform without it, - after practice said coach of “Tornado” BS Mindaugas Kvietkus. – By the tempo of practice, I saw, that J. Šults likes players move as more as possible. Later he confirmed my insights by his words. This coach trying to make everyone fall in love with basketball – only in this way player can be the best”.  

„The difference between good and average coach is how you learn when you start thinking that you know everything”, - these words ended practice of J. Šults.

“Torando” basketball school intends to cooperate with Individual skills basketball school with developing exchange of coaches during summer camps and exchange useful information.
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