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Team of „Tornado“ BS internship in Spain

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

January 13th  - 15th director Dainius Čiuprinskas and coaches Šarūnas Zablockis, Aivaras Grigaliūnas and Andrius Macijauskas visited Madrid, capital of Spain.

On the first day of the trip, they visited CB Estudiandies sports base, watched practices of various age children. “We were very surprised by the conditions, - said Andrius Macijauskas. – We imagine that everything will be perfect here, but the reality was a little bit different. Conditions for practices were inconspicuous, but the players don’t pay attention at this. They just love basketball, hard work and just try to achieve their goals. Some of the groups had practices outside, though the temperature was only 6 – 8 degrees!” After visiting the CB Estudiantes sport base, team of “Tornado” BS went to Euroleague game – Madrid “Real” vs Tel Aviv Maccabi. 

Saturday started with visit to the sports base of Madrid’s Polytechnics University.  Curator of the trip and the lecturer of basketball specialty at Madrid’s Polytechnics University Jorge Lorenzo Calvo showed Lithuanians amazing sports complex. As later Andrius Macijauskas said: “We all felt some kind of jealousy”. Not only students but also Olympic athletes have practices in this sport complex. J. L. Calvo and D. Čiuprinskas discussed an opportunity for “Tornado” BS teams to visit Madrid and to play few friendly games with the best teams of youth. 

In the afternoon team of “Tornado” BS was ready to visit sport base of Madrid “Real” and also had an opportunity to watch a practice of main men’s team. “We are very thankful for Jonas Mačiulis, who gave us an opportunity to watch a practice of Madrid “Real” basketball team, - said director of our school Dainius Čiuprinskas. – This sports base was opened only last May, so everything looked amazing for us. Basketball players have perfect conditions not only to practice, but also to take a rest and to live. It’s a pity we couldn’t look around the entire complex. The main team of Madrid “Real” football players ended their practice at the time, so the security was top level and the movement for visitors was restricted. Talking about the practice of the main Madrid “Real” Men’ team, it was after – game practice, more recovery. Exercises were known, but we all were impressed by their fulfillment, mastery and throws percentage. Few players improved their shoots from their positions, others recover from minor injuries”. Jonas Mačiulis introduced “Tornado” KM director and coaches to Chus Mateo – coach assistant of Madrid “Real”. C. Mateo also works with young basketball players and improves their individual skills. D. Čiuprinskas and C. Meteo discussed further cooperation. After practice team of Madrid “Real” flew to Badalona to play a game of Spanish National Championship with Joventut team. 

After lunch, team of “Tornado” BS went to Fuenlabrada to watch game CB Estudiantes vs Fuenlabrada. “This game – regional league of Spain, - said Šarūnas Zablockis. - The principle is similar to Regional basketball league of Lithuania. Lot of talented and promising young basketball players from various countries from Europe are playing in this league in Spain. During the game we visited, I saw members of national youth teams from Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Montenegro, Great Britain and France. While the Spanish are know as admirers of individual game, we were surprised that both teams actively used zone defense during the match we watched“. 

“This trip was really very interesting and useful, - said D. Čiuprinskas. – Infrastructure and practices’ conditions of some clubs had no big difference compare to Lithuania. Anyway, I think we can take something from Spanish basketball, but also have to admire and protect our basketball. If we have at least half a number of Spanish people, I don’t know witch country show better results during the championships. In conclusion I would like to confirm the findings, that the main “engine”, working with kids, is coach! So, we will help our team to expand the horizons and the entire innovations share with children of “Tornado” BS”.  

“Tornado” BS is very thankful for J. L. Calvo and J. Mačiulis for an excellent introduction to the subtleties of the Spanish basketball and the possibility of cooperation in the future.

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