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M. Gailiūnas after tournament in Minsk: The kind of match we had in this tournament was vital for us

Monday, December 17, 2018

14th – 16th December, 2018 team Tornado KM – “Metga” (boys born in 2006) participated in the international youth basketball tournament Mc’Donalds Cup 2018 in Minsk, Belarus. During three days, players of Tornado KM played five games. Despite the fact team came back without any awards, kids got invaluable experience in playing with equivalent rivals.

„The first match we played with a well know team – SPK Bialystok from Poland, - told coach of team Modestas Gailiūnas.Opponents seemed “fresher” and we’ve been late all the time in all situations. Our team has a problem with third quarter. We are not able to mobilize and play as the best as we can. Poles gained a great advantage over the third quarter and there were not enough time for us to overtake them. The second match was with Stary Oskol's Drakoni team from Russia. We had to win this match. It seemed, kids already accustomed to a ball No. 6  and start to attack basket more precisely. Although Russians tried to change the cource of game, we won that game. After that game, we saw that our first opponents  - SPK Bialystok suffered a defeat, so there was a mess in the tournament table. After first day, woke up early in the morning, long trip, opening ceremony and two games, kids came back to hotel so tired that children felt asleep in five minutes. The next day, game with the hosts of tournament was waiting for us.  Match started in a high tempo. Till the end of second quarter game went point to point.  Nervous situation continiuos in the second part of the game. Unfortunately, team Tsmoki, Minsk played better end of game and celebrated victory. After all sub-group games we were third in the tournament table, so way to fight for medals was closed. The games for fifth place wasn't that complicated. Our opponents were weaker than the previous three and we won both games easily. This tournament has shown a lot of things we have to correct during the parctices, so we will keep working on it. The kind of match we had in this tournament was vital for us. During this season we had only few games point to point and in such a gmes you can see wthat is what“. 

All the participating teams were awarded with T-shirts of tournament and small gifts. Tomas Rimkus was awarded as a best team player.

Photos from tournament ⇒

Videos from tournament:

Tornado KM – „Metga“ – SPK Bialystok:

Tornado KM – „Metga“ – „Drakoni“:

Tsmoki 2, Minsk – Tornado KM – „Metga“:

Tornado KM – „Metga“ – Riga Pardaugava:

Tornado KM – „Metga“ – Jumpball:
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