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Young basketball players from nine countries competed in „Kaunas Cup 2015“!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

October 2nd – 4th basketball school „Tornado“ and sports events agency „Tstar“ organized annual international basketball tournament „Kaunas Cup 2015“. Twenty two teams played in three age groups (2000, 2002 and 2003). Fourteen teams were guests from foreign countries – Estonia, Belarus, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Denmark, Germany and Netherlands. 

Hensfort „Przemysl“ team with coach D. Puchalski trumphed in the group 2000. The second left Tornado KM – “Viči“ (coach Š. Zablockis). The third place, after very tough game went to guests from Germany – Berlin „TuSli“. 

After final game symbolic five and the best player of tournament were awarded with Kaunas District Municipality and sponsors established prizes. 

Symbolic five group 2000:

R. Jokubaitis (V. Knašiaus KM – „Atlantic Express“, Lithuania)

J. Mattisseck („TusLi“, Germany)

N. Kancleris (Tornado KM – „Viči“, Lithuania)

T. Kupstas(Tornado KM – „Viči“, Lithuania)

S. Janczak (Henfort „Przemysl“, Poland)

The best tournament player – Szymon Janczak (Henfort „Przemysl“, Poland). 

The winners of three point shoot contest – E. Černis and E. Legezo. 

Six teams competed in group 2002. The first place went to Tornado KM – „Fudo“ (coach A. Grigaliūnas), the second – to Vilniaus KM I (coach P. Budėnas). Bronze medals were won by champions of Belarus – BC „Prenemanie“ (coach Alena Tarasova). 

Symbolic five group 2002:

 L. Kaszuba (Bialystok SP, Lenkija)

A. Baracevic (BC „Grodno“ , Baltarusija)

T. Tubelis  (Vilniaus KM I, Lietuva)

M. Makauskas (Tornado KM – „Fudo“, Lietuva)

M. Norkūnas (Tornado KM – „Fudo“, Lietuva)

The best tournament player – Laurynas Virbalas (Tornado KM – „Fudo“)

The winners of three point shoot contest – M. Makauskas and K. Mitrofanovas.

Sostinės KM – „Aviva“ was unstopable in group 2003 (coach Mindaugas Noreika). The boys defeated all opponents and finally won the gols medals. The second place went to Moscow „Dinamo“ (coach Aleksey Savkov). Copenhagen "Sisu" and Moscow CSKA played for bronze medals. After the final siren has soundend, CSKA celebrated third place victory. 

Symbolic five group 2003:

L. Ahmad (Copenhagen „Sisu“, Denmark)

R. Burnašev (Moscow CSKA, Russia)

S. Silenok (Moscow „Dinamo“, Russia)

E. Žižys (Sostinės KM – „Aviva“, Lithuania)

L. Gudavičius (Sostinės KM – „Aviva“, Lithuania)

The best tournament player – Kasparas Sideravičius (Sostinės KM – „Aviva“)

The winners of three point shoot contest – Benas Ališauskas and Gediminas Alisas. 

„I’m very glad, that so many teams from abroad interested in our International Youth Basketball Tournament "Kaunas Cup 2015“, – said director of Tornado BS Dainius Čiuprinskas. – It is nice that you can get acquainted with different styles of basketball, to see something new or to share experiences with other coaches. This tournament helps teams efficiently prepare for the upcoming basketball season. Foreign visitors were satisfied with not only a high – level basketball tournament, but also excellent living conditions. I would like to say thanks Kaunas City Municipality and all who helped us with Kaunas Cup 2015. We will continue to organize basketball tournaments and will announce the name of the city of Kaunas!“ 
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