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Kauno „Žalgiris“ joins forces with „Tornado“basketball school in favor of young talents

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Kaunas „Žalgiris“ team, who cares about the future of young talented basketball players of Lithuania, started to work closely with “Tornado” basketball school and will work together to reach the highest goals for young basketball players.

This Autumn, team Žalgiris – 3, made up of young players, will debut in the third Men‘s league of Lithuania – Regional Basketball League (RKL). Four basketball players from “Tornado” BS – Karolis Babušis (2000), Gytis Mačionis (2001), Matas Makauskas (2002) and Paulius Murauskas (2004) will play in Žalgiris – 3 team and strive to improve as much as possible during this season. Also, the same as last year, player of “Tornado” BS Nedas Kancleris will play at Žalgiris – 2 team in the National basketball league (NKL – second Men’s league in Lithuania).

„When „Žalgiris“ decided to create RKL level team, they were interested in in the opportunity to bring together all the most talented basketball players from Kaunas region. Our basketball school, from the first steps prepare kids for “Žalgiris”, national youth teams, so we have one goal – to join our forces for the benefit of young basketball players, - said director of  “Tornado” BS Dainius Čiuprinskas.

Dainius Čiuprinskas believes, that cooperation with Lithuanian champions is the best way to maintain talented Lithuanian basketball players in our country and offer them the best conditions for improvement.

„By working together, we will strive that the most talented players stay here in Lithuania, not to dare to go abroad. We understand, that we must work together, educate the players in a targeted way and give them the chance to get into the best Lithuanian basketball team", - said D. Čiuprinskas.

„Žalgiris“ players already visited “Tornado” BS during the mass workout and D. Čiuprinskas hopes, that such a  visits by Žalgiris players will encourage young players to reach highs in basketball.

„We are very happy that players of „Žalgiris“ came to our event and spent some time with basketball players of our school. I hope, we will share experience and information and will  enjoy each other with good results and valuable promotions”, - said Dainius Čiuprinskas.

Sports director of team “Žalgiris” Robertas Javtokas was happy, that there are so many prospective and talented young basketball players, who can achieve really great results and maybe one day join the main team of  “Žalgiris“.

“Basketball is alive in Kaunas! There are lot of talented players in the basketball schools in Kaunas. We decided to cooperate with “Tornado” basketball school, which prepare young basketball players for national teams. By joining forces, we can help those young talents to achieve high levels of basketball. Young players must compete in men’s basketball, so we created Žalgiris – 3 team and invite the most talented players of “Tornado” BS. We will do our best to make them feel at the highest level and in the future have a good chance to get into the main team of “Žalgiris”, - R. Javtokas shared his insights.
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