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Basketball school „Tornado“ was established in 2002 in city Kaunas. There were only two coaches who were working here with 70 players in 5 groups. Today we have over 550 young basketball players, who are trained by 9 coaches. Children of "Tornado" BS not only learn various technical elements of basketball, become physically stronger, self - confidence, but also provide a solid foundation for their potential basketball player career. 

Tornado KM - "Envija" (2004 m.) vice champions of Lithuania in season 2016/2017

  Every year teams of "Tornado" BS participating in the Lithuanian Pupil's League of Basketball, Kaunas Amateur League (KKML) and in the international tournaments. By the rating of season 2014/2015 "Tornado" BS took the 6th place of 59 basketball schools/clubs all over Lithuania. 

The highest achievemets of MKL

• 2016/2017  - Tornado KM - "Envija" (coach  Donatas Mikulevičius) - 2nd place at championship of boys born in 2004 (U13);

• 2015/2016  - Tornado KM - "Viči" (coach  Šarūnas Zablockis) - 2nd place at championship of boys born in 2000 (U16);

• 2014/2015  - Tornado KM - "Fudo" (coach  Aivaras Grigaliūnas) - 2nd place at championship of boys born in 2002 (boys "B");

• 2013/2014 -  Tornado KM - "Viči" (coach Šarūnas Zablockis) - 2nd place at championship of boys born in 2000 (boys "A");

• 2011/2012 - Tornado KM - "Nowaco" (coach Donatas Mikulevičius) - 3rd place at championship of boys born in 1997 (boys "B");

• 2016/2017  - Tornado KM - "Viči" (coach  Šarūnas Zablockis) - 4th place at championship of boys born in 2000 (U17);

•  2012/2013  - Tornado KM - "Sostena" (coach Andrius Macijauskas) - 4th place at championship of boys born in 2001 (boys "The first challenge");


​    ​  The players of “Tornado” BS represented our country in different ages National teams of Lithuania. Ignas Daukšys, Aurimas Urbonas, Paulius Šatkus, Pijus  Mykolaitis, Karolis Šarukas, Matas Ragauskas, Valentinas Mitalauskas, Justas Klimavičius, Arnas Malakauskas, Arnas Tilindis, Jonas Šlapikas, Mantas Bruzga, Aidas Bakutis, Justinas Ramanauskas and Tautvydas Kupstas – all these players were candidates or members of National Youth Teams of Lithuania.

The members of different ages National teams of Lithuania: 

► 2013/2014 m. – Aurimas Urbonas (1993 m.g.). IV place U17 World Championship;

► 2013/2014 m. – Karolis Šarukas (1995 m. g.) – V place Europe Championship;

► 2014/2015 m.  Aidas Bakutis (1999 m. g.) – II place Europe Championship;

► 2014/2015 m. – Tautvydas Kupstas (2000 m. g.) Lithuanian U15 national team; 

► 2015/2016 m. – Tautvydas Kupstas (2000 m. g.), Nedas Kancleris (2000 m.g.)  and coach Šarūnas Zablockis – II place in U16 Eruopean Championship Lithuanian. 

► 2016/2017 m. – Gytis Mačionis (2001 m. g.) Lithuanian U16 National team.

Nedas Kancleris #23 and Tautvydas Kupstas #11- members of U16 national team, 2015  Aidas Bakutis #1 – member of U16 National team, 2015 Gytis Mačionis -member of U16 National team, 2017


 Every year, “Tornado” BS players are welcome to Euroleague adidas Next Generation Tournament selection rounds to represent Kaunas "Zalgiris" youth team.

2012/2013 m. – Karolis Šarukas (born in 1995) represented Kaunas "Žalgiris" team; 

2013/2014 m. – Even three basketball players of „Tornado“ BS represented Kaunas „Žalgiris“ team "Tornado"  - Justas Klimavičius (1997), Matas Ragauskas (1996) and Valentinas Mitalauskas (1996 m. g.). They won tour in Kaunas and went to final four in Milan.

2014/2015 m. – Justas Klimavičius (1997) represented Kaunas „Žalgiris“ team;

Karolis Šarukas #9   Valentinas Mitalauskas #15


The players of “Tornado” BS annually participate in the “All Star Day” organized by MKL. The best basketball players of all over Lithuania attend this festival.  9 players of “Tornado” BS this year also participated in this festival. At the end of the season MKL organizes season’s closing ceremony and invite the players who showed the best results.
Season 2016/2017
Paulius Murauskas (born in 2004) – the most effective basketball player in U13 championship (24 gmaes., avg.: 34,96 eff.),
Karolis Babušis (born in 2000) – the best three – point shooter in MKL (26 games., 42,37%, 75/177)
Season 2015/2016
Tautvydas Kupstas (2000 m.g.) – the most asssists performing basketball player (24 games., avg. 8 ass.), 
Season 2014/2015 
Tautvydas Kupstas (born in 2000) - the most assists performing basketball player (20 games, avg. 8.15 ass.)
Arnas Tilindė (born in 1997) - the most two points shoot making player (19 games, 71,14 perc., 106/149).
Laurynas Virbalas - at game "East" - "West"  Tautvydas Kupstas – awarded as the most assists performing player of season 2014/2015 Paulius Budvytis  – the winner
„Free points shoot“ contest, season 2013/2014



   The teams of „Tornado“ BS participate in the international basketball tournaments in Lithuania and abroad. Usually our players come back home with medals. During our school history, our students already visited France, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Belgium, etc. We are also organizing two, the most massive international tournaments – Kaunas Cup in autumn and Christmas Cup in winter. Participating in the international tournaments helps our coaches to start communication with coaches from foreign teams, share their knowledge. Players also find new friends and visit new countries.
The winner of "Christmas Cup" 2014 group 2000 Tornado KM - "Viči" The winner of „Kaunas Cup" 2014 group 2004  – Tornado KM - "Envija"


 Basketball players of „Tornado“ BS have a practices not only with their coaches, but also  meet with the famous Lithuanian or foreign basketball persons. Our basketball players had an opportunity to work with Jonas Mačiulis, to comunicate with Valdas Garastas,Mantas Kalnietis and Steponas Butautas. But the most memorized practice was for boys born in 2002 in year 2014. They had a workout with Goran Dragic – star of NBA. Players not only work on the court, but after practice they communicated, made pictures and took autograph from the player of Phoenix “Suns” and Slovenian National Team. 

Dribbling workout with G. Dragic Shooting workout with  LSU - "Atletas"  G. Dragic made some photos with Tornado BS players


The oldest and younger but most promising players play in the "Tornado" BS men's team which competes in Regional Basketball League (3rd Men’s league in Lithuania). Before leaving our basketball school they have an opportunity to try their hand in men’s basketball. Few of those players went to National Basketball League (2nd Men’s league in Lithuania). It’s Aurimas Urbonas (1993), Ignas Daukšys (1993), Karolis Šarukas (1995), Vilius Pocius (1995), Valentinas Mitalauskas (1996), Matas Ragauskas (1996), Justas Klimavičius (1997). 

Mantas Lauraitis #5 – RKL „All Star Day“ Kaunas distr. ASU-Tornado, season 2015/2016 Former LKL player, now – coach of Tornado BS, played in  ASU-Tornado team last season 

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